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Conimex is a brand of asian food, which offers a complete wide range of Indonesian products to prepare Indonesian dishes.

The brand is owned by Unilever. It is the leading asian food brand in the Netherlands.

Conimex products are exported to more than 20 countries.

Director: Job van As
DOP: Christiaan van Leeuwen
Presenter: Dennis Overeem

Client: Pleun Lauwerier

Advertising Agency: Alfred International
Creative Director: Jan-Willem Smits
Producer: Carmen Ramsaran

Executive Producer: Josh Patil
Producer: Minet Williams
Production Manager: Simone Groenewald
Production Coordinator: Rei Samosir
…and the rest of the team.


Shrimp Krupuk Film

Dennis travels to Kotabaru, South Kalimantan Indonesia to go meet the fisherman who fish using more sustainable trammel nets to fish for prawns.
The villagers from Rampa Kapis teach Dennis all the steps of making Indonesian prawn krupuk, from the fishing to the cooking.

Cassava Krupuk Film

Dennis travels to Bogor, West Java to observe the daily activities of Cassava Farmers and learn all about the process of making sustainable Cassava Krupuk.
He harvests the cassava with the farmers, learn how they farm without using pesticides.

Conimex TVC - Asian meal soups

Conimex TVC we shot in Bali, Indonesia.

Behind The Scenes

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