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4ocean and Baliprod teamed up to create an amazing docuseries about the incredible 4ocean crews who work relentlessly to remove plastic from our shores and rivers.

Baliprod loves and supports this company and their endless endeavours to help the planet.
We are very proud to have shot these films and humbled to have met such amazing guys.

A few months back we were contacted by 4ocean who wanted to create content for their website and social networks.
4ocean retrieves plastic from the oceans in Bali and Haiti, their main operation is being here. They now have plastic collection and treatment plants in Medewi, Jembrana and Denpasar.


Our team spent some time researching the locations and crews. We were able to isolate 3 local workers from their 90+ staff that we thought would be great characters to follow throughout their daily lives and routine.
As a result we shot 3 films portraying Andi, director of Bali operations, Imran, Jembrana base manager of operations and Bismo, captain of the Medewi base.

For more info on 4ocean, check out their website.

Producer: Omri Ben-Canaan
Director: Alexandre Szuren
DOP/Editor: Romain Cailliez & Hugo Pes & Corentin Coullaud
1st AC: I Ketut Jaya Artawan
Cam operators: Rudi Fajrianda & Corentin Coullaud
Drone operator: Hugo Pes
Sound engineer: Matthias Bresch
DIT: Ismail Zulfikar Ismail Hasanudin
Colorist: Sumiartana
Fixer: Ghifarie Akmal

Special thanks to Cole Garrison, Tim Binder and the Bali/US 4ocean team.

4ocean Captains & Crews | S1:E1 - Andi

4ocean Captain & Crews | S1:E2 - Mohamed Imran

4ocean Captains & Crews | S1:E3 - Bismo

Behind The Scenes

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