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Motion & Stills
Production in Bali

In the production world, we like to think of ourselves as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and not because we’re ripped butt-kicking martial experts who look good in crime fighting masks, but because we can take on all kinds of projects and still come home happy to enjoy a nice warm pizza.

As a premier full-service production house based on the island of Bali, we have been helping brands and companies develop and execute their ideas since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. (Actually, it was closer to when ‘Brexit’ happened but comedic effect, ladies and gentlemen).

Focused on out-of-the-box idea conception, amazing story creation, and doing multiple ‘Which Movie Character Are You?’ online quizzes, our team of mythical creatures do mystical work to create magical results. It’s all about having those fairytales come to life.

Due to many years of operating out of Indonesia, not only are we able to ensure top-quality service, provide the best locations available, navigate the local landscape, have a deep understanding of the culture and people, communicate flawlessly, have contacts for pretty much anything, get the best equipment available, connect you with a diverse range of talent, can handle all legal requirements to shoot in Indonesia and the region BUT most importantly, we know where the best spots to eat are.

Together with a portfolio that spans across commercial TVCs, photo and video campaigns, music videos, films, and all other audio-visual needs, not only have we earned a reputation of being one of the top production companies in the region but also, some of the best-looking individuals on the planet.

Don’t believe us? Come stop on by.

We Represent
World Class Creatives

Baliprod works with visionary international and local Directors DOP Photographers. We are lucky to work with incredibly talented creatives from all over the world, each with their individual and unique style.

Most based in Indonesia but others close by and ready to jump on a plane at a moment’s notice.

Baliprod Stories

Baliprod Stories is the documentary branch of Baliprod.

Because we love telling stories visually through inspirational videos.
Indonesia is filled with many different types of culture and endless choice of subjects, we love its people and the stories they have to say.

Servicing Area

A full-service production house based in Bali, operating throughout Indonesia and the rest of Asia.

Our production company will help you with all your motion and stills needs. We can handle all legal logistics including work visas, film permits, and location permits for your production.

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