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Our Social Commitment

Our social responsibility is to use our production experience and storytelling to help make the world a better place.

At Baliprod we are committed to ‘Green Filmmaking’, practicing activities that benefit society on a local, national, and global scale. We recognise that we have a duty to protect the environment and by working mindfully, we do our best to protect our planet and people, ensuring a greener, more resilient future for us all.

Social Responsibility Impact and Highlights

Voice Above Water

Pixar’s Dana Frankoff and Baliprod Photo & Video Production Agency teamed up to raise awareness about the continuous plastic pollution problem in the world’s ocean.

Voice Above Water is the story of Wayan Nyo, a 90-year-old fisherman who can no longer fish because of the huge amount of plastic filling up the ocean. He decides to use his fishing boat and net to pull out the plastic and trash from the water – hoping to fish again.

This short film is a glimpse into how one human and use their resources to make a change, and a massive reminder that it takes all of us playing our own part, coming together to accomplish something much greater than ourselves.

This short film won:

– Best Short Documentary at Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival

– First Time Filmmaker Award at International Ocean Film Festival

– Best Short Documentary at San Luis Obispo International Film Festival

– The Hayden Kennedy Award at 5Point Adventure Film Festival

– Environmental Filmmaker Award at Coast Film Festival

– Environmental award at the ONA film festival

-Audience Award for Best Documentary

– Jury Award for Best Documentary at the 15 Short Film Festival


4ocean and Baliprod teamed up to create an amazing docuseries about the incredible 4ocean crews who work relentlessly to remove plastic from our shores and rivers.

4ocean Captains & Crews takes a BTS look at the people who help clean our oceans and coastlines every day. Season one introduces three different crew members from the Bali Clean-up operation while providing breath-taking visuals of the Indonesian landscape and everyday life of local community members.

Bali Turtle Conservation and Education Centre

All of the Baliprod team visited the centre, and was touched by the funds huge efforts they make every day. We make regular donations, supporting all their hard work.

There are numerous beaches in Bali that are natural habitats for sea turtles to lay their eggs. This conservation is close to our hearts and home, and we love giving our continuous support to this charity. The centre works to involve and train the local community to protect sea turtles through “Community Based Conservation” programs.

Ikan Kecil Foundation

ikan kecil foundation

In 2017 Mount Agung had 5 eruptions, causing some 40,000 people to be evacuated from surrounding 22 villages. This had a devastating impact on local communities who already had little to nothing. Most families relied on tourism, which was also affected.

This foundation supplies and donations to evacuees from Mt. Agung and local community. We helped organise mass donations and provided transport during the devastating volcano eruption. Baliprod also used our own resources to create a film to raise awareness.


Solemen has saved the livelihood of more than 2000+ Balinese families. This charity raises awareness and funds to support various projects for the disadvantaged in Bali, in particular for the people who live in the most remote and poorest areas and are not helped by mainstream NGOs or government programmes.


We are proud to be a working with YOUTHTOPIA on their peer-to-peer masterclass programs. YOUTHTOPIA is a platform accelerating change through their content and workshops, which encourage the youth of today to become active changemakers.

Founder, Melati Wijsen, is a youth activist from Bali who’s pioneering work as a climate change activist has landed her in Forbes 30 under 30.

We regularly help local organizations in Bali, by donating and raising money and awareness. To name a few: Eco Bali, One Island One Voice, Sungai Watch, Pererenan community, Bye Bye Plastic Bag, Mudfish No Plastic and many others.