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Bali Model Agency

Not Just a Model Agency

Represents Female Models And Male Models From All Over The Globe

The Bali Model Agency is Bali’s leader in talent discovery and model management, and widely recognized for their diverse talent. As an industry pioneer, BMA continues to challenge the status quo with its clients, and broaden opportunities for all.

The agency is managed by some of the best model bookers on the island and endeavors to encompass models from all different backgrounds and amazing talent such as photographers, hair & make up artists, stylists, actors, dancers and other performers.

Bali Model Agency always meets the demands from local and international brands as well as fulfilling the requirements from our sister brands, Baliprod, Balishoot & Studiodrop

With the stability and depth of experience within the team — we are proud to continue to shape the careers of newcomers and superstars. 

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