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Bali Film Gear Rental

Industry-Standard Equipment

Need To Rent Filming Equipment For Your Shoot?

Bali Film Gear Rental launched in 2020, our rental house bridges the gap that has always been missing here in Bali, professional & cinema-grade filming gear available on the island of Bali, at an affordable rate.

Gone are the days of having to import all of your film gear from Jakarta. With the crew, flights, and accommodations, those prices can add up fast and can surpass any project’s budget.

We have imported the best gear from around the world including Arri Alexa Mini, lenses, Arri Sky Panels, monitors, drones, transmission systems and more!

Bali film Gear Rental is not only an equipment rental house. With Baliprod at its side, we have a technical crew and experienced operators available for hire as well!