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Garnier and Baliprod have recently teamed up to create multiple innovative campaigns for their new skincare and beauty range. In each beauty campaign we helmed, our team introduced nuance and creativity to every element.

As the products have been created to cater to the Indonesian market, we made sure to reflect this in our approach to filming.

We collaborated with TAPROD, where they did an awesome job of managing the production.

Baliprod provided the production services, running of all the logistics involved in production.

Our talented Director, Julien Carlier and Executive Producer, Omri Ben-Canaan directed and shot the films using live-stream technology, also known as remote-shooting.


Through the creative journey we used software and tools designed for live-stream productions. producing live-streams for our campaigns in lots of countries at one time.

Production was based in Jakarta city, where we shot on four different sets, featuring Indonesian actress Vanesha Prescilla and several other beauty influencers.

Like most film shoots, there were long hours, tonnes of hard work and each shoot was a far cry from boring!

There was a buzz of positivity and fun during each shoot – everyone involved was pumped to be creating again after a pause of production during COVID-19.

Baliprod appreciates all the efforts made towards these awesome films and looks forward to our next beauty campaign with Garnier.

The Campaigns

Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum Campaign

Garnier Bright Complete 3 in 1 Campaign

Garnier AcnoFight Indonesia Campaign

Garnier Light Complete Indonesia Campaign

Garnier Sakura White Indonesia Campaign

Check out the BTS to see us making the magic!

Behind The Scenes

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