A culinary arts major, Kingvoon formed his career working as a line chef for the playboy mansion kitchen before moving his passion to other pursuits within the film & commercial industry.

First, starting off as a food stylist and 1st assistant director, Kingvoon then began directing visually engaging food commercials, combining his vast knowledge of culinary arts and production industry skills within his work.

Kingvoon’s global success has now made him one of the top tabletop directors in the industry and guided him to direct food commercials throughout Asia and the United States. 

kingvoon baliprod2
kingvoon baliprod


As a perfectionist, KingVoon is best described as a fierce “vampire.” His culinary skills were developed in the crucible of the Playboy Mansion kitchen, where he battled distractions to feed The Hef himself. He came out of it stronger, and since then he has amassed a body of work that has firmly established him as one of Asia’s most sought-after food directors. He is currently in a more measured and balanced phase of his filmmaking career. He revels in the beauty, flavor, and inventiveness that comes from stripping things down to its purest, most passionate forms, delving deep into his culinary history. Catching intimate moments of the subject; telling its story that seduces our senses in a gastronomic fashion. He considers himself blessed to do what he loves most: creating, tasting, filming and talking about food, and everything in between.