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Back in July 2019, we shot a beautiful campaign for The Body shop with the talented photographer/director and good friend Tim Kindler (we also worked on a very cool IBM film with him).
We were hired by Timo Josten and Kevin McKinnon from Smash Stuff TV out of Singapore.

We shot a couple of days, on location and in-studio at Analog Studio Bali.

Art direction was handled by the talented Jafar Shiddiq whom we’ve worked with countless times in the past (Herbal Essences, Conimex…)

Fun fact. During prep, as we were searching for days for the best location for the outdoor scenes (the perfect bathtub with a very leafy background), we realised it could be much easier to build it at our production office in our own garden… Ended up building the whole thing from scratch right in Baliprod’s garden! ????

Below are some of the final deliverables as well as some Behind The Scenes fun.

Great shoot, amazing team and a lot of fun!

(Behind The Scenes Photos: Timo Josten)

Stills & Motion

Behind The Scenes

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