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Peter Bannan



Peter Bannan is a New Zealand Filmmaker / DP / Photographer presently based in Bali. He has a Fine Arts degree in Film, and has always worked across visual mediums, film, photography, fashion, food, beauty, lifestyle, journalism, design. An early gallery exhibition, and experimental films while at Film School were noticed by New Zealand fashion designer Zambesi leading to personal work being used for several of their campaigns. Collaborations followed with other fashion designers, and shooting for International magazines, publications, and commercial clients.

Peter loves working with talent, including children, and creating atmospheric, storytelling images. He is equally at home in the studio having designed and built extensive drive-in studio facilities in NZ, or on location using available light. While directing and shooting tv commercials he also directed and shot fashion films, music videos for bands on the NZ independent label Flying Nun. Peter’s film company in Auckland produced International tv commercials, photography, fashion editorials and films, worked with fashion brands, and international clients, leading him to explore the Asian region where he is now based.

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At an early age Charlie took a trip to Japan equipped with his grandfather’s Nikon F film camera. Since that experience he realized that communicating story through image is a language that comes naturally to him. This journey has taken him across seven continents to work alongside brands such as Nike, Airbnb, Amazon and many more. He currently is based full time in Bali, Indonesia